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3063Re: [mythsoc] article on HP and mythopoesis

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Feb 22, 2001
      I've just read the Cornerstone magazine article, and it makes a good case for
      why the standard attack on the Harry Potter books is ridiculous. It makes an
      interesting point when it says that claiming the books promote magic is as
      ridiculous as trying to prevent teens from smoking marijuana by showing them
      the film _Reefer Madness_. Not only would they not believe you, but they
      would find your arguments so absurd that they would cease to listen to you

      But it should be pointed out that there are other arguments about whether the
      books are as good as some claim. My objections to the books are of two
      sorts. First, I don't find the sense of wonder in the Harry Potter books to
      nearly the extent that I find it in great fantasy works. It's a decent
      enough series, but not a great one.

      Second, I find the account of Harry's unhappy childhood to be laughable for
      life in the 1990's. I think that whenever J. K. Rowling does a book signing,
      she should ask the children as they come up to her, "Which character in the
      books do you think your life most resembles?" Anyone who says "Harry
      Potter" she should slap silly. Yes, there are children who live unhappy
      lives these days, but any child who gets to go see an author speak and have
      them autograph their copy of the book is extremely unlikely to be one of
      those children. On the other hand, if a child says "Dudley Dursley" she
      should shake their hand and praise them for at least being honest. Then she
      should slap them silly for having been spoiled all their life.

      Wendell Wagner
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