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3059fyi: coinherence-L, also on Yahoo groups

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  • elven@altavista.net
    Feb 19, 2001
      Hi. Just a 'Hi!' from a related group, also on Yahoo
      groups. Cheers. /Dave Davis ]


      'Co-Inherence', the lightly moderated e-list for discussion and
      application of the works and ideas of Charles Williams. Charles
      Williams (1886-1945) was a writer of books, plays, and poetry; he was
      a Christian, as well as a friend and Oxford collegue of C.S.Lewis and
      J.R.R. Tolkien. His novels and poetry were respected by such diverse
      people as T.S.Eliot, Lewis, and W.H.Auden. His most popular works are
      still his novels, termed 'spiritual thrillers' by Eliot, in which
      theological themes and metaphysical realms are treated with the
      appearance of extreme realism! Williams is the godfather of much of
      the 'spiritual warfare' literature currently in vogue, and his
      literary work stands as a bridge between the mystical or occult
      interests, and orthodox affirmations and communities, of his various
      readers. We have brought up this e-list in the hope of building an
      informed readership for Williams' work, and exploring the application
      of his philosophical and theological ideas in Christian practice. The
      list functions as a dynamic discussion where images and text around
      the Williamsian themes and motifs are also explored. This e-list is
      open to all, but lurking and trolling are frowned upon; 'bearing one
      another's burdens', and open, intelligent debate and discussion are
      strongly encouraged!

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