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3002Charles Williams

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  • corneliaskitchen@yahoo.ca
    Feb 5, 2001
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      I have long been a fan of Lewis and Tolkien, but I have only
      recently been introduced to Charles Williams. I started with _The
      Place of the Lion_, then _War in Heaven_ , and I just finished
      _Descent into Hell_. His novels are unlike anything else I have
      read before.

      I am particularly interested in his idea that people can, quite
      literally, bear each other's burdens. (The Doctrine of Substituted
      Love, Chapter 6 of _Descent into Hell_) I would like to know if
      Charles Williams wrote about this idea elsewhere, and if earlier
      or later writers have dealt with it also. (I seem to remember
      reading that C.S. Lewis once took his wife's pain in this way...)

      Thanks in advance.

      Cornelia Penner
      Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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