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2999Re: [mythsoc] Re: Novelists influenced by C. S. Lewis

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Feb 4 10:14 PM
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      In a message dated 2/4/01 9:39:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, alexeik@...

      > That's odd, I've always thought the influence [of Lewis on
      > Gene Wolfe] was pretty glaring.

      I defer to your superior knowledge of Wolfe. To be honest, I was going by
      the few short stories I've read and the plot descriptions of the novels I've
      heard. Clearly you know much more of Wolfe than I do. I did once have an
      interesting discussion with Wolfe at a con about _The Dark Tower_.

      David S. Bratman (in a post that everyone except me seems to have received)

      > It all boils down to, what does Don actually want? Books
      > whose authors were inspired by Lewis? If so, inspired in
      > what way? Books that Lewis would have liked? Books
      > that resemble Lewis's? If so, resemble in what way?
      > Content? Spiritual depth? Style? Quality? None of
      > these lists will be the same.

      There have been a number of books (or series of books) that were published
      mostly by Christian publishing houses and sold mostly in Christian bookstores
      which were inferior imitations of _The Chronicles of Narnia_. My impression
      is that the vogue for these books is past now. It peaked in the early '80's.
      (In fact, as I wrote on this list a while ago, I wonder if the vogue for
      Lewis at Christian bookstores is past now.) It would take me a while to come
      up with the names of some of them. In a clear sense, they were influenced by
      Lewis. In an even clearer sense, it's not much of a complement to Lewis to
      say that these books were influenced by him.

      Wendell Wagner
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