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29Re: 1998 Fantasy Books

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  • Matthew Winslow
    Dec 6, 1998
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      On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Eleanor Farrell wrote:

      > I'll start with Patricia A. McKillip's new book, _Song for the Basilisk_,
      > which is one of the best novels I've read recently. If you read and like
      > McKillip, this book fits nicely into her usual elegant style and succinct
      > story plotting. But although a short book (a compliment!! I mean compared
      > with these endless bookend series...), it has the breadth of her earlier
      > classics like _The Forgotten Beasts of Eld_ and the Riddle-master trilogy,
      > in that the world is a bit wider than the author usually creates and the
      > events somewhat broader. I think it's the best book McKillip has written in
      > many years.
      > OK, guys, how about you? Plug your favorites!

      I haven't read it yet, but the McKillip is definitely going on my
      nomination list. (My in-laws bought me a copy for Christmas when they
      were visiting in September and my tyrannical wife is making me wait till
      *then* to open it.)

      I just got done reading RE Klein's "The History of Our World Beyond the
      Wave" and it's going on my nomination list. This book hasn't gotten much
      press, but I think it fits the criterion of being in the tradition of the
      Inklings. (Ellie, I'm going to do a short review of it as soon as I get a

      Overall, though, this felt like a slim year for nomination-worthy titles.
      I culled this year's "Locus" and came up with only about 10 possibilities
      -- and three of those were by one author (Sean Stewart). Did this feel
      like a thin yeart to others?

      I just received the latest issue of Locus with the forthcoming books list,
      and next year looks to be thin also. There's a new Gaiman or two, but
      that's about all that stands out in my mind.

      Matthew Winslow mwinslow@...
      "There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading
      them." - Joseph Brodsky
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