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2836Re: [mythsoc] Dwarf sighting?

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  • Sophie Masson
    Dec 31, 2000
      Yes, and I know an artist who's most definitely an elf--she has a pointed
      face, pointed ears, wispy hair, far away eyes, and a strange mixture of
      chill and charm in her manner..
      Author site:

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      > Out shopping this afternoon in Lowe's hardware, saw a shortish man, rather
      > plump, with a totally bald, shining dome, no mustache, and a vigorous
      > pepper-and-salt chin-sprouting beard, pointed and also winged out to the
      > sides, fairly long. His appearance was quite striking.
      > In the absence of metalwork, don't you think a modern-day Dwarf might
      > gravitate to the hardware business?
      > Mary S
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