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2778Ents in Disneyland?

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Dec 2, 2000
      dianejoy@... wrote...

      >I enjoy Disneyland on its own merits, but
      >certainly think that the idea of fiberglass trees would anger the Ents to
      >end! I don't want a mock-up of Bag End built at Disneyland. Let's hope
      >that the camera captures the magic, rather than the fiberglass.

      A couple of comments on this:

      1. I looked up the website photos of Bag End that were recommended earlier.
      I was very much impressed. I agree with Berni that they appeared to be true
      hobbit holes/homes.

      2. When I visited the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sets, when the show was
      still being filmed, I was very much surprised to see how papier-mache
      everything looked, up close. Obviously fake! But on the screen, it all
      appears real and futuristic to me. So I have hope that the fiberglass trees
      won't appear artificial on screen, either.


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