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  • stephen@stephen.com
    Nov 13, 2000
      David Bratman wrote (quoting Peter Jackson):
      >> These films are not official Lord of The Rings films. The Tolkien estate is
      >> not involved. Professor Tolkien has passed away. These are not like the
      >> official authorised movies. These are an interpretation and they are our
      >> interpretation collectively of these characters in this story.
      >What does he mean by "the official authorised movies"? Bakshi and
      >Rankin-Bass? Those films (which also appeared after Tolkien's death,
      >btw) were neither more nor less authorized than this one. The Tolkien
      >estate had nothing to do with any of them. Bakshi was authorized by the
      >owners of the film rights, by the same process (indeed, I think the same
      >persons) who authorized Jackson. (Rankin-Bass is another, murkier story.)

      Perhaps he's just saying they're not authentic Tolkien creations; they're
      just his own interpretation. As opposed to Dune, for example, which had
      Herbert claiming to approve the vision of the film. It seems unlikely to me
      that Jackson considers the Bakshi and Rankin-Bass films to be of much
      significance at all.

      - Stephen
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