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2713Re: [mythsoc] LotR's and Mythology

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  • Ted Sherman
    Nov 3, 2000
      Check out Tom Shippey's _Road to Middle-earth_, which you'll be able to find in an
      online second-hand book dealer.


      Margaret Dean wrote:

      > Kati Hallenbeck wrote:
      > > Just wondering if I could pick all your brains as to Tolkien's use of
      > > mythology in LotRs. How he might of modernized the myth and how others have
      > > copied his age old themes. I'm trying to focus my paper and since I got my
      > > hands on a copy of "The Mythology of Middle Earth" (out of print) on Ebay I
      > > thought this would be a good avenue to explore in a 15 page paper. Also
      > > with reference to Derrida's work on "originals" vs. "copies". Anyway, thank
      > > you all for your help. I've been enjoying the conversations and the
      > > links!!!
      > I'd say your first, best source when digging for mythological
      > roots for Tolkien is the Norse myths. Get yourself some good
      > primary source material on those, and also read =Beowulf.= The
      > Celtic and Arthurian mythoi (that's the plural of "mythos,"
      > right?) probably had some influence as well, but not as much as
      > the Northern myths. Classical mythology (Greek, etc.), little if
      > any.
      > --Margaret Dean
      > <margdean@...>
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