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  • alexeik@aol.com
    Nov 2, 2000
      In a message dated 11/2/0 3:16:20 PM, Lizzie wrote:

      <<Have you tried Horwood's Duncton Wood and it's
      companions? Those moles? I guess the thing to read before Duncton is Adams'
      Watership Down. They are like yet unalike. There is a familiarity of
      landscape throughout. >>

      The biggest difference is that Adams has tried to make his rabbits act like
      rabbits and to give them a culture that's as consistent as possible with
      rabbit behaviour. Horwood doesn't make as much of an effort in that direction
      in _Duncton Wood_: his moles may dig tunnels, but they're extremely
      anthropomorphic in their behaviour and relationships. Still, the story has a
      unique sort of emotional intensity, and is well worth reading. (The story, by
      the way, takes place near the Welsh border, and there are Welsh moles that
      speak Welsh!)
      Has anyone read Horwood's _The Stonor Eagles_? It has two intertwined
      plots, one of them a realistic novel with human protagonists (the hero being
      a young artist who makes sculptures of eagles), the other a fantasy about the
      sea eagles themselves. I remember that I rather enjoyed it, and found the
      contrast between the two plots invigorating.
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