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2694Nesbit and later fantasists

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2000
      I recently picked up a very cheap collection of mostly inferior Nesbit
      stories having to do with Dragons (THE BOOK OF DRAGONS, a Watermill Classic,
      1987). The very last one starts like this:

      "Edmund was a boy.The people who did not like him said that he was the most
      tiresome boy that ever lived, but his grandmother and other friends said that
      he had an inquiring mind."

      However this Edmund turns out to be good-hearted in essence, though most
      uninterested in school-learning. Who knows if the name could have lingered
      in CSL's mind.

      Like all Nesbit, these stories however have their moments. There are some
      nice ones in Ch. 7, "The Fiery Dragon," which involve a Pigkeeper named
      Elfinn. (I'm thinking of Lloyd Alexander's Taran!)

      Note the just-right adjective here:

      "...there in a dell she came on Elfinn and his seventy-five fine pigs. He
      was playing his flute, and around him the pigs were dancing cheerfully on
      their hind legs."

      Mary S
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