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2681Re: Re: [mythsoc] Pullman about Lewis

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  • alexeik@aol.com
    Oct 31, 2000
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      In a message dated 10/31/0 9:25:34 PM, Christine wrote:

      <<I did find the first book quite interesting, the second book left rather a
      bitter taste. It was not altogether suprising that he is anti-religious
      (rather than un-religious, if you will).>>

      I don't think he's anti-religious (at least, I don't think he'd describe
      himself that way) so much as anti-Christian or anti-theist. What bothered me
      most about it is that his views don't seem to be thought through very well;
      they're full of inconsistencies that become more and more jarring as the book
      progresses. Ursula Le Guin's world-view is probably non-Christian to the same
      degree (and essentially non-theistic), yet it's never bothered me because
      it's both consistent and very rich, and it has a balance to it that sees no
      need to attack what it's not. Pullman annoys me in the same way that preachy
      fundamentalist-Christian fantasies a la Frank Peretti irritate me, except
      that luckily he writes a thousand times better, and *does* have much more

      << I really doubt that I will pick up
      the third volume.>>

      You should: it has some really wonderful things in it, although, as I said, I
      found the conclusion disappointing.
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