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2659Re: [mythsoc] Digest Number 434

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  • stephen@stephen.com
    Oct 26, 2000
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      I think the Heifer Project is great. For some reason I'm particularly
      tickled by the idea of a gift of Lamas for wool, dung and carrying.


      "Domesticated by the Incas 6,000 years ago and selectively bred for their
      gentle nature and fine fiber, llamas appear intelligent and serene. As they
      travel, llamas' padded feet don't damage the fragile terrain and their
      selective browsing doesn't destroy sparse vegetation."

      Mary S. wrote:
      >http://www.heifer.org can tell you how to
      >send a gift of trees or seedlings to needy places overseas, and get a gift
      >card for the person you are honoring.
      >From everything I know this seems a worthy organization. I am pleased
      >to see
      >them adding items like Trees and Bees, with which you can honor your
      >vegetarian friends. Though of course a lot of the heifers and goats and
      >water buffaloes they send are used for milk and other purposes, not meat.