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25532Authors at Mythcon

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  • wendell_wagner
    Aug 3, 2014
      As usual, I'm putting together a list of all the authors at Mythcon for the use of anyone who wants to get signatures on books or articles.  This is anyone who has published an article (not in a Mythopoeic publication) or a book connected with fantasy, science fiction, horror, and the Inklings.  This doesn't include publications about other subjects, since I want to limit the list.  It doesn't include authors of things in Mythopoeic publications, since that would include far too many of the people who are coming.  I'm using the list of attendees in P.R. 2 as my guide, but that may miss some people.
      Wendell Wagner
      Please post to this mailing list if there are corrections to be made to the following list:
      Bratman, David
      Christopher, Joe R.
      Croft, Janet Brennan
      Donovan, Leslie
      Drout, Michael D.C.
      Flieger, Verlyn
      Hostetter, Carl
      Olsen, Corey
      Vernon, Ursula
      West, Richard C.
      Williams, Donald
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