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2519Re: [mythsoc] Re: Cold Poe

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    Oct 3, 2000
      Roger Corman is where a lot of people in LA get their start, IF
      they can put up with him. Because he's cheap, he hires the young
      and inexperienced. But ask him for more money and you're out. But
      people have to start somewhere and Roger was willing to give you
      that start. And he will creative support you, even though the
      money isn't always the best. Which means, if you have the talent,
      you can usually get something nice to put in your portfolio.
      Which is why a lot of famous names started there. And he does
      have a good sense of horror and a so-so sense of SF. So he is
      liked by fans of the genre though rarely does he do Great Works.

      His best work was with Price, usually doing Poe. Oh, and Little
      Shop of Horrors.


      vaar aragon wrote:

      > Tomb of Ligeia, starring Vincent Price, directed by the
      > notorious
      > Roger Corman (but written by a guy who won an Oscar for
      > Chinatown, if
      > that means anything). It's mostly told from Lady Rowena's pov,
      > so
      > it's sort of Ligeia crossed w/ Du Maurier's Rebecca. A great
      > performance by the lead actress, a neat musical score, and a
      > fair
      > amount of Poe-tic atmosphere. NOT subtle, but you'd probably
      > already
      > guessed that ;)
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