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25143Re: Beowulf translation

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  • not_thou
    Mar 19, 2014
      "Sellic Spell" at last!

      "Previous efforts to publish it have come to nothing", says the Telegraph of the translation(s), before going on, with no awareness of the irony, to once again misunderstand one of Michael Drout's remarks on his involvement in those efforts.* I presume the lectures to be included in the new book do not repeat those Drout edited as Beowulf and the Critics.

      Neither the Telegraph or Guardian article indicates what I've long heard: that Tolkien's verse translation of Beowulf is incomplete, though he finished a prose translation. Will both appear in the new book?

      Here's the publisher's page: http://www.tolkienbeowulf.com/


      *see here: http://www.tolkienbooks.net/php/manuscript-found.php
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