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25068Is this a real quote from Lewis?

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  • wendell_wagner
    Jan 20, 2014
      Start listening at 51:50 in this podcast:
      This is the writer David Wong, whose real name is Jason Pargin, speaking.  He says, "There's a famous quote from C. S. Lewis, my favorite author, who wrote the Narnia books but also wrote a bunch of books about philosophy and theology.  If you hear a really horrific story about somebody, some horrible crime they've committed, and then a week later it turns out to not be true, it was just a routine crime, ask yourself, are you disappointed a little bit?"  I suppose the first thing that surprises me is finding out that Lewis is Wong's favorite writer.  Incidentally, this podcast contains a certain amount of obscenity, so if that bothers you don't listen to it.  What I really want to know though if the quote is real.  Does it sound familiar to anyone?  I suspect that even if it's real it's an inaccurate memory of it.
      Wendell Wagner
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