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2502Re: [mythsoc] Books and children

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  • Christine Howlett
    Oct 1, 2000
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      Honey, so many of US are dated, we tend to be a little sensitive! Not but
      what I believe (from my datedness?) that many of these older stories still
      have a lot of magic and wisdome left in them. Now if I can just convince my
      nieces that I do, too...

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      ><< I suspect I'd still like Lofting's curiously dry style and even more dry
      > illustrations. I know as a child I loved them, read them over and over.
      >I've read them again, now and then. Love the Cat's-Meat-Man, too. They
      >dated, but so is Kipling, and many of the others that we still love.
      >I get chewed out a while ago right here on this list for saying something
      >dated? LOL
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