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24984RE: do people think we will see kealey and fealey die in the next hobbet film? or will we just hear about it like in the book?

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  • not_thou
    Dec 22, 2013
      I expect we'll see Fili and Kili die onscreen in Peter Jackson's third HOBBIT film, even though the book describes their deaths in just one laconic sentence after the fact. In Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS films, most action that Tolkien had described in "flashback", as it were, is shown by Jackson as it happens. I would be very impressed if Jackson cuts away from the battle when its outcome is still in doubt, as the book does, but this seems very unlikely. Blockbuster movie storytelling, even in the 2010s, has yet to catch up with the techniques of a 1930s children's book.

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