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2473Re: [mythsoc] Lilith

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  • ERATRIANO@aol.com
    Sep 28, 2000
      In a message dated 09/28/2000 4:39:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      jharrison3@... writes:

      << Anyone on the list read Lilith by George MacDonald? >>

      It has been a long time, but yes. Lilith and Phantastes and, oh no I've
      forgotten the title again, the one that is something like, but not really,
      "Geordie"... and the short fairie tales. Buy them all, preferably second
      hand, and read them at your leisure. Probably more than once.

      Dunsany I never got into. Maybe someone here will have something compelling
      to say aobut The King of Elfland's Daughter.

      Have you read Morris' work or just have it? I loved the wonderful, dreamy,
      allegorical feel to the pieces I read, was it, the one about e Wood and the
      other about the Well.

      I want my library back out of boxes! It has been like 8 years now since I've
      had bookshelves. *sob* I know that somewhere I have poetry compilatiosn to
      look up the poets that were so kindly recommended recently. Thanks.

      And, another writer, a horror writer, i have recently heard of, August
      Derleth. Should I look into him? I like Lovecraft and Poe both.

      all for now,

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