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24693Re: [mythsoc] RE: Shire-reckoning development

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  • John Rateliff
    Nov 26, 2013
      Thanks, Merlin, for the nice gathering together of material. The only thing I can add is that Tolkien is still using our calendar when he wrote the timeline for THE HOBBIT which I reproduce on pages 821-822 of THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT. But unfortunately we don't have an exact date for that manuscript page, other than it's associated with material dating from 1944 then revisited in 1947.
         Interestingly enough, Tolkien's attempt to impose the Shire Calendar on THE HOBBIT seems to have been the key factor that brought work on 'The 1960 HOBBIT' to a halt. Switching a work from one calendric system to another seems to have defeated even his gifts as at retro-fitting. Alas.
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