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  • lord_of_the_teleri
    Nov 22, 2013
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      ... and I'd like to add that the available translation should be taken with a grain of salt. Having an article like this in "Le Monde" was quite intentional and the impact in the English-speaking world was, I would assume, rather different than it was in the French-speaking world: the English-speaking 'haters' of the Estate would jump at some remarks in its last paragraph, in French anybody would applaud Christopher at not selling out for millions of dollars just because he could - the probably only literary heritage not attempting to make money out of underwear, collectible figurines and salt and pepper shakers ;) Well, that's how social media work; the one critical line was pushed quite prominently.

      Priscilla is alive and well, afaik, and I do hope it will stay that way for years to come.

      Why should Christopher say anything about his father's work? He has been publishing it. So no need for the whole media bladiblad which will only be misinterpreted anyway.

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      another interesting point is that Tolkien's Sun is still living and yet we hardly hear anything from Christopher on anything regarding his father's work apart from that translated article he gave to the French news paper where he talks about his complete dis like of Jackson's films of lotr. I think he has a daughter who is living as well. from Mich.
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       Hi Doug,

          I've been dreading this for years and I had already placed a bet on it this would be coming - no good can come of this as making a whole movie out of the Professor's life -and please accept my apologies for saying so- which was not the most adventurous, so to speak, would be fruitless.

          The only gore you will find is the Great War; the only sex you will find is ... So, as we're talking Hollywood (sex and gore) this can't be right.

          There have been other attempts at doing films. "The Lion Awakes" has been scrapped [http://lewisminute.wordpress.com/faq-the-lion-awakes/]; "Tolkien & Lewis" is still going ahead [http://attractivefilms.com/films/] so I would assume this press release is more about rights and bartering than anything else.

          From an artistic point of view it is rather unfortunate a lot of people with mediocre talents know that mediocre films and books will be picked up for the sake of a quick buck. Might happen to Tolkien as well.

      Best wishes,

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