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24657RE: [mythsoc] Digger omnibus

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  • Berni Phillips
    Nov 12, 2013

      A reminder that Ursula Vernon, the creator of Digger, is going to be the author GOH at the upcoming Mythcon.


      If you admire the artwork of Dave Sims but loathe his text and politics, give Digger a try.  It’s charming and non-confrontational.





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      Hi all,


      Just a note that the omnibus for Digger, which won the MFA this year, is going on sale this coming Friday. It'll be at Amazon and other places, but you can get it direct from the publisher site as well. Here are the links:


      Softcover: http://swp.im/p/dig-omb

      Hardcover: http://swp.im/p/dig-hc

      In case anyone's interested!


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