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24528Re: [mythsoc] five books about Lewis?

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  • John Rateliff
    Jul 17 7:09 PM
      That would be Michael Coren's THE MAN WHO CREATED NARNIA. I haven't seen it, but I do have his Scholastic biography of JRRT [2001] -- which I've read, but can't now recall anything except how much I hated the ending.

      THE NARNIAN I have but haven't read, having bogged down early on. Anyone recommend it?

      Did buy myself a copy of the McGrath today; it's good enough I know I'll want to have it on hand for reference. 

      Thanks for the anti-recommendations; what to stay away from can be as good advice as what to seek out.

      --John R.

      On Jul 17, 2013, at 1:47 PM, Mich wrote:
      well I read the man who created Narnia by a author who I forget who wrote that one. he used to work for cfrb I think a radio station hear in Canada.  and also The NarnianThe Life and Imagination of C. S. Lewis by Alan Jacobs.  I remember reading the man who created Narnia and it completely ruined the Narnia series for me. the reason is because the author went through and picked apart each book and it's Christian references. for instance he would say something like Azlind dyeing on the stone table is equwill to Christ dyeing on the cross. after reading that I couldn't read any of the Narnia series with out feeling like the hole issue of god and Christianity was being shoved down my throat. from Mich.  

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