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24483Re: [mythsoc] Susan (was Mythcon)

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  • David Bratman
    Jun 18, 2013
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      Grace Monk wrote:

      >And vanity is a serious and very destructive
      >state of being or sin or what have you. It can
      >be deadly even. And the willful ejection of
      >divine revelation is a pretty serious failure
      >of love and a symbol of pride run horribly
      >amuck. Susan's problems aren't small,
      >although the signs of them seem to be rather
      >trivialized by many readers...

      I wrote that "Susan has trivialized herself," and I hope you don't think I was thereby trivializing her problems. I meant that her problems took the form of her elevating the trivial and ignoring the important in her life.

      Her sins at this point are small, but you are correct that her potential problems are great. As Screwtape says, in luring the human soul to the devil's lair, "Murder is no better than cards if cards will do the trick." Susan's vanity, if not subsequently cured, will do that trick, and that is a fundamental belief of Lewis's that those who wish to excuse her follies ignore, since it's not a position that has much place in a worldview without a devil in it.
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