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  • Berni Phillips
    Jun 16, 2013

      Linda, I’ve never met the man.  I’ve just read some of his books and his non-fiction/fannish writing.


      He seems like a great guy.  He’s the guy who had himself photographed in the ridiculous poses that are typically seen on covers with women, pointing out how non-ergonomic, painful, and ridiculous they truly are.  He writes on Live Journal under his name.  He’s got a wife and kids and seems firmly grounded in the real world and is passionate about making it better.





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      Berni's friend's book looks interesting. I'll have to look that up.




      On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 6:57 PM, Berni Phillips <bernip@...> wrote:


      I know Jim Hines will also be there.  He has written some humorous fantasy from the point of view of an orc, a take-off on fairy tales, and his newest series (first book LIBRIOMANCER), is about a character who is able to reach inside books and extract  physical objects described in the text. 





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      The following is my usual list of writers at Mythcon this year for those attendees who (like me) would like to know what books to bring along to get signed.  For the purposes of this list, I'm counting anyone who has published a book or article that has some relationship to the Society's interests (i.e., the Inklings, fantasy, science fiction, mythology, etc.) except that I'm not counting those whose only publications were in Society journals.  I don't count publications in Society journals because that would include most people at Mythcon.  I don't count things not related to the Society's interests because, while I'm happy about your new book on tax law or particle physics, I don't want to include books that aren't likely to be brought to Mythcon.  Any additions, deletions, or corrections would be appreciated.


      Wendell Wagner




      Douglas Anderson

      Franny Billingsley

      David Bratman

      Tim Callahan

      Janet Croft

      Leslie Donovan

      Jason Fisher

      Verlyn Flieger

      Wayne Hammond

      Carl Hostetter

      Christina Scull

      Arden Smith

      Richard West

      Donald Williams


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