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  • David Bratman
    Jun 15, 2013
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      You're defining the difference, then, between lecturing and "lecturing".  That level of minute precision of nomenclature I can't follow you on.  If he talked for an hour to a class, whether he was willing to be interrupted and enter into side discussions or not, he was lecturing, whether it was what the university formally called a "lecture" or not.

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      >The evidence of this period (so far as we're aware of it)
      >indicates that Tolkien tutored only students from the women's
      >colleges, and gave no lectures, though he did briefly teach a
      >class on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

      I knew of this, and read that as meaning lecturing.

      At Tolkien's Oxford, lectures and classes weren't the same. Lectures were given to (at least potentially) large groups of students, with no questions taken or work assigned, and could be freely attended by any member of the University; this was efficient (from an administrative point of view) and egalitarian. Classes, in contrast, were conducted with small groups of specifically enrolled students, with the teacher pausing or willing to be interrupted for questions. Some sources refer to classes as group conferences or seminars, and some include both seminars and classes, which we take to be the same thing except, probably, for the number of students involved. More personalized instruction would be given by one's tutor, or tutors, who would lead discussions, assign and critique essays, and recommend readings and lectures to attend.

      Anyway, by these definitions (which, as the undersigned were discussing earlier today, may differ between then and now, and between the English and American experiences of higher education) Tolkien did no lecturing in 1919-20.

      Wayne & Christina

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