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  • ernestsdavis
    Jun 14, 2013
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      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "David Bratman" <dbratman@...> wrote:

      > Here's a "Tolkien and politics" item I just came upon that's far more
      > disturbing than that: a neo-Nazi film critic who loves the Jackson LOTR:

      > 1.You can't control nutty interpretations of your work.

      > 4: For instance, if he'd read the book as well as seen the movie of TT, he
      > might have been able to tear his eyes away from the stirring spectacle of an
      > army of handsome white guys defeating an army of ugly not-white guys and
      > notice that the bad guys' commander and instigator was a pasty-white guy
      > played by Christopher Lee.
      > 5. The book might also have clued him in that TT is not a stand-alone story
      > about the Battle of the Hornburg, but part of a larger story with a broader
      > meaning. Specifically, that though the dark guys are evil, evil is
      > emphatically not about being dark.

      The politics as well as the racism is off-base. The hobbits, with their elected mayor, are certainly the closest thing in Middle-Earth to a liberal democracy. The Entmoot also seems to be carried out by vote or by consensus. The Council of Elrond is an ad-hoc international conference, of the kind these guys mostly detest,

      On the other hand, the government that takes over the Shire under Lotho Sackville-Baggins and then under Sharkey is certainly a rather bad-tempered parody of left-wing/Socialist policies, probably specifically of the Labour party --- not my favorite part of the book.

      But, in any case, I don't know to what extent the neo-Nazis are actually interested in Fascism as a form of government; maybe all they care about is the racism anyway.

      > 6. And, as noted by many commentators, that the Dwarves are rather Jewish.

      Including Tolkien himself.
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