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24332a Lewis question

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  • John Rateliff
    May 24, 2013
      Okay, I admit defeat. A few weeks ago I came across a passage in one of Lewis's letters in which he remarked that Jane Studdock from THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH was a poor scholar who would have produced mediocre work had she ever completed her thesis; that her true vocation was to be a housewife. I've just been going through all the references to THS in the index of Vols II and III but not found the relevant passage. Is there any Lewisians (Ludovicians?) on this list more familiar with the 3900 pages of CSL's COLLECTED LETTERS who might be able to point me to the letter in question? For what it's worth, I had been looking up things in the 1942 and 1954 sections, though I did skim some in other sections so it might be pretty much anywhere.
      Any help much appreciated.
      --John R.
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