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  • John Davis
    May 24 4:17 AM
      Not yet, but you've just prompted me to go get a copy; thanks. And interestingly, the hardback copy is cheaper than the Kindle version. Go figure.
      Looking foward to seeing how it compares with Williams' treatment of the myth.
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      Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 7:39 AM
      Subject: [mythsoc] The Fall of Arthur


      So, anybody else read THE FALL OF ARTHUR yet?

      Biggest surprise for me was the revelation that in it Tolkien linked up the Arthurian story to his legendarium.

      That, and his giving us in Guinevere what I think is his most negative portrayal of a female character.

      Not to mention that now we'll have to qualify statements about his depiction of the Angles and Saxons in his work by taking into account their treatment here -- at one point he has King Arthur playing pretty much the role the Romans play in Wm Morris's HOUSE OF THE WOLFINGS, wh. I wdn't have expected.

      Plus, of course, the fact that just judged as poetry there are some memorable lines (the best of which, describing Guinevere, was quoted long ago by Carpenter: "fair as fay-woman and fell-minded, in the world walking for the woe of men").

      I think this one's going to take a while for people to absorb, but once they do that it'll be judged a major work. Guess we'll see. I know I'm already looking forward to leisurely re-reading it, more slowly this time.

      --John R.

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