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  • David Bratman
    Apr 26, 2013
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      The Wikipedia article is pretty much factually accurate as far as I know,
      but is misleading in several ways.

      1) It only mentions his very important role in Lewis's conversion in
      passing, while devoting an entire paragraph to Inklings gossip.

      2) The sentence about his knowing the authors personally only applies to the
      modern literature section (about which I have no other knowledge, and can't
      confirm it's accurate). It's misleading because Dyson spent most of his
      career teaching about authors who were long dead (his specialty was from
      Shakespeare through Pope), but his tutorials - and even more his lectures,
      which is where he shone as a scholar - were no less memorable thereby!

      3) Although Dyson may have disliked Tolkien's stories - that's not really
      clear - his main reason for interrupting readings is that they kept him from
      dominating the conversation. And while he wasn't alone, most of the
      Inklings did like the stories very much, and grumbling about Tolkien's
      stories was outweighed by grumblings about Dyson talking too much.
      Including from Warnie Lewis, although it's correct, as the article says,
      that Warnie liked Dyson very much.

      4) "new friends" is also misleading. I don't know how he came to get the
      part in the movie "Darling," but his TV appearances came through a former
      pupil who'd become a BBC producer.

      5) He only moved to the house in Sandfield Road after his retirement.
      Previously he'd lived in central Oxford.

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      > The Wikipedia entry will tell you most of what you want to know about
      > Dyson:
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugo_Dyson
      > He's buried in the same cemetery as Charles Williams. I remember
      > visiting
      > that cemetery while living in England. He seems to be known among most
      > Inklings fans as the one who made the vulgar quote about how much he
      > disliked
      > The Lord of the Rings as Tolkien read it to the group in manuscript.
      > Darling is usually considered quite a good film. Julie Christie won an
      > Oscar
      > for her performance in it. Oh, and he's also known as one of the two
      > people
      > (along with J. R. R. Tolkien) who, in a famous conversation that lasted
      > much of one night, persuaded C. S. Lewis to become a Christian. I would
      > say
      > that he's pretty important to the history of the Inklings.
      > Wendell Wagner