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24190Is Jackson becoming the Lukis of Tolkien?

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  • Mich
    Mar 29 2:29 PM
      Hi all. having watched the sneak peak behind the seens for the second Hobbit Movie and remembering how disappointed I was in the first Hobbit movie I find my self asking this question. is Jackson becoming the Lukas of Tolkien? when George Lukas made Star Wars in 1977 it was really a big hit. same with when Jackson made lotr. but then years later when Lukas went backand made Star Wars episode I the phantom menis it was horrible and jmo the hobbit seems to have not faired that well the second time around. I even red some wear that the hole radagast thing was like what jar jar binks was in the first star wars movie. meaning annoying and un necessary. So I raze this question to the group. since I red the article that was posted from some one on the list about how Jackson is tinkering with the hobbit and putting in people who weren't in the book. well I thought that this would start some lively discussions. from Mich.