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24146Re: Postcard about new Lewis biography

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  • not_thou
    Feb 23, 2013
      I got the postcard. Since it came from Wheaton, I figured it was because I was on the mailing list for SEVEN. I haven't read McGrath's books.


      --- WendellWag@... wrote:

      > Did anybody else get the following postcard? It's an
      > oversize postcard, professionally and slickly printed,
      > which announces a talk and signing by Alistair McGrath,
      > with a picture of him and the book (C. S. Lewis - Life:
      > Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet). I assumed that it
      > was for some place local to me that was announcing a
      > signing very soon. Then I noticed that it was for March
      > 20th and it's at Wheaton College in Illinois. Did they
      > get my name from the Mythopoeic Society mailing list? If
      > not, how did they know to send it to me? It seems to me
      > that they've spent a lot of money in mailing cost to get
      > very few attendees. I see that he's also about to
      > publish a second book about Lewis called The Intellectual
      > World of C. S. Lewis. Has anyone here read these and do
      > they have any comments?
      > Wendell Wagner
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