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24120Re: [mythsoc] Tolkien and Musical Parody

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  • "Beregond, Anders Stenström"
    Feb 9, 2013
      Ellen wrote:
      > Yes--I was talking about Tolkien writing poems to pre-existing tunes, as
      > well as Tolkien using musical parody in its other senses, e.g., writing
      > a poem in the same metrical rhythm of or in imitation of another poem

      In _The Chesterton Review_ Vol.XXVIII, Nos.1&2, there is an
      article by Clive Tolley, "Tolkien's 'Essay on Man': A Look at
      _Mythopeia_", about Tolkien in his poem "Mythopoeia" using the form
      of Alexander Pope's "Essay on Man" and "Essay on Criticism".
      (There is currently a used copy on Amazon.com.)


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