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24113And now, for something completely different--

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  • lynnmaudlin
    Feb 7, 2013
      Lynn Maudlin here, interrupting your lovely discussion, to encourage Mythopoeic Society members to go join the Mythopoeic Announcements group. I don't want to double post announcements to *that* group and to *this* group (it just sends an extra email to folks who have subscribed to the MythAnn group).

      You will not be deluged: we sent 3 announcements in 2012 and 8 in 2011. We sent 18 in 2010 but a lot happened: change of Mythprint editor, change of date and then venue for Mythcon, and the death of Glen GoodKnight. Typically about 7 messages are sent in a year.

      Right now about 1/3 of the member email addresses are bouncing, so if you signed up in the past and you DIDN'T get a message from the MythAnn group, please follow the link and make sure your email address is good and you've got email notifications set up.


      By the way, the announcement was about the change of Scholar GOH for Mythcon this year... you should go read about it! ;D
      THANK YOU!!!

      -- Lynn --