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24081Review in Interzone 244 of The Hobbit

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  • wendell_wagner
    Feb 3, 2013
      Has anyone read the review by Nick Lowe, in issue 244 (dated January/February 2013) of the science fiction magazine Interzone, of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?  Would anyone like to comment on it?  Nick Lowe does a column (called "Mutant Popcorn") every issue in which he reviews current science fiction and fantasy movies.  He does very good reviews, although they tend to be a bit long-winded and include obscure words.  In this review, he has a lot to say about copyright and trademark issues related to Tolkien material.  It's rare that I see anyone discuss this anywhere except in this mailing list.  I would really like to know how close he comes to an accurate account of these issues.
      Unfortunately, there's nothing of it online so I can't link to it.  I can't really summarize it either.  Anything I would say would either quote all of it or misquote it.  I'm sorry about that.  Once again, I really wish that somebody would publish a book-length history of the intellectual property rights of Tolkien's writings.  By now it's such a complicated, long history that it's hard to even summarize in a single E-mail.
      Wendell Wagner