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24074Re: [mythsoc] a quick question

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  • Andrew Higgins
    Jan 28, 2013

      Hello.  I was in Oxford this weekend doing a marathon of archival work at the Bod Library for my Phd and thought of our wonderful lunch at the Lamb and the Flag with Dimitra.

      I believe it is KWEN-YAH - I have always followed the Consonant Guide on Page 15 of Parma 12 where the voiceless explosive is q-kw.  Although I have heard Verlyn Flieger who am watching right now talk about On Fairy-stories on our Mythgard Class pronounce it as Kenya - but I use the KW.

      Sorry to not be coming to Valpariso - your talk on how The Hobbit influenced The Silmarillion sounds really intriguing and hope to read it some day!  

      Best, Andy

      On Jan 28, 2013, at 11:50 PM, John Rateliff <sacnoth@...> wrote:


      Here's a quick question for the linguistically inclined.
      How is the name of the original form of Tolkien's earliest Elven language, QENYA, pronounced?
      Is it KEN-YAH or is it KWEN-YAH?
      I've always assumed the latter, but decided it's better to ask the experts.
      Elucidation much appreciated.
      --John R.

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