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24007Re: [mythsoc] Smithsonian does The Hobbit

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  • Troels Forchhammer
    Jan 6, 2013
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      On 4 January 2013 14:19, David Bratman <dbratman@...> wrote:
      I have a genuine question for anyone who considers him or herself a serious Tolkien fan, and who also plays these games that use Tolkien's creation and then add things of their own, like their own creation of names for the other two wizards:

      How do you remember, after playing these games a lot, which names and facts came from Tolkien and which didn't?  Are you always pulling out your copies of Foster's Guide to check?  Or do you just not care?

      I have been playing Turbine's "Lord of the Rings On-line", LOTRO for a bit, and find the experience so fundamentally different from the reading of Tolkien's book that I have never had any problems keeping the two separate. In the game I control the narrative through the character, I play (in LOTRO these can not be characters from Tolkien's stories), and that creates a very different way to relation to the narrative. I talked with other LOTRO players at The Return of the Ring this summer, and none of them seemed to have any problems separating Tolkien's world from the game world (even though some of them play more often than I). 

      In my experience, a film version can be more difficult to separate, if only because there is the same basic narrative structure and the same relation to the narrative: as with a book, the audience to a film are fairly passive recipients of the narrative (actually I think it could be argued that the reader of a book is more active through the use of their imagination to visualise the scenes, whereas the audience to a film are expected to do nothing on their own). 

      Troels Forchhammer

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