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23982Tolkien lecture in fantasy at Oxford

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  • David Bratman
    Dec 27, 2012
      An annual lecture in fantasy literature has been established at Pembroke
      College, Oxford, where Tolkien was a fellow 1925-45. According to
      Carpenter's biography, Tolkien was never very happy there (one reason he was
      pleased to be able to transfer to Merton College later), but at least they
      don't resent him.

      The press release's statement about what Tolkien did while he was a fellow
      there is also accurate. Someone is paying attention.

      "Pembroke have invited author Kij Johnson to deliver the inaugural Pembroke
      Lecture in Fantasy Literature, the first event in a lecture series founded
      to honour JRR Tolkien, who was a professorial fellow at Pembroke for twenty
      years (he wrote The Hobbit and much of The Lord of the Rings while here).
      The series is sponsored through a generous grant from the Pembroke Annual