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23900Re: [mythsoc] RPG fiction

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  • Joshua Kronengold
    Dec 19 8:13 AM
      On 12/19/2012 10:03 AM, David Bratman wrote:
      > "Alana Joli Abbott" <alanajoli@... <mailto:alanajoli%40gmail.com>> wrote:
      > > I think that, in itself, is the real key to your stance, and I respect
      > > that. If you don't want to experience the story or take part in directing
      > > how it goes, then RPGs will probably never hold appeal for you.
      > Maybe, but it doesn't explain why I also don't like novels inspired by RPGs
      > or with an RPG sensibility. They're not any more participatory than other
      > novels, unless they're choose-your-own-adventure books.

      Er. Do you actually not like novels inspired by RPGs? Or do you just not like
      novels that are obviously someone's writeup of a D&D campaign or that feel like

      It's worth noting that as someone who likes RPGs and plays a lot of them, and
      likes some novels inspired by RPGs---most novels in RPG-esque worlds -or-
      inspired by RPGs are shit.

      Some novels/series I respect that were inspired by RPGs:

      Steven Brust's Jhereg novels.

      Some of the M. A. R. Barker Tekumel novels (Man of Gold, mostly).

      Sorcery and Cecelia (ok, not technically an RPG -- but really, there's no
      distinction between a letter game and any other PBEM rpg; I've played letter
      games and they're pretty similar from the inside).

      Both of Seanan McGuire's non pseudonymous series (Discount Armageddon, October

      IMO, if you can -tell- reading something that it came from/was inspired by a
      game, it's usually flaw--but that's because the main differences are the
      artifacts (and, of course, it's possible to tell "this probably came from a
      game" because of -positive- artifacts, like the structure of Sorcery of Cecelia
      or a novel with multiple strong protagonists in different styles); but there,
      the game isn't the problem; the -flaw- is.

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