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23781Re: [mythsoc] The Hobbit Movie (no spoilers)

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  • Mich
    Dec 16, 2012
      Hi Dug and all I agree. about the only thing good if there was anything good about this movie was the music and I am thinking of the misty mountain song and the ending song that plays over the credits. It was no lotr for sure I just can't get my mind around how Jackson and co could have fumbled so badly. I am still in shock at how utterly bad the hole movie was. I came away from the theaiter thankful it was all over lol. and it gave me a really bad taste in my mouth  it was very disappointing. some of the seens made me want to grab the clicker and fast forward through and other seens when they miss pronounced the names made me want to stand up and shout out the real names. fools all of them. it was utterly horrid and I think can only be summed up by Bilbo "well I think the worste is over" well here's hoping!! from Mich. ps if you want to read my hole thoughts then look for the msg that i posted cald The Hobbett my thoughts. or something like that.
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      From: Doug Kane
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      I'm shocked! Winking smile emoticon
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      I also am just back from the Hobbit movie.

      2D, 24 fps, and I still feel as if I've been bludgeoned by a giant stick.

      Nobody who loves the book should be wooed thereby into seeing this movie (unless, poor sods like me, they feel they have to). Nobody.

      And this reaction has nothing to do with "purism." That was the least of the problems.

      I doubt I'll have any more to say until my bruises begin to heal.

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      >From: Joan.Marie.Verba@...
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      >I just came back from the Hobbit movie.
      >It's good. Go see it. (Do I need to add IMHO?)
      >(I saw it in IMAX 3D and found the picture to be sharp, clear, HD quality. Your
      >mileage may vary, of course.)
      >Aside: If you're a Star Trek fan, see it in IMAX 3D to see 9 minutes of the
      >upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness. It's amazing.
      >Joan Marie Verba
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