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237Re: Wolfe and Sandman

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  • Diane Baker
    Jun 23, 1999
      W.B.Honey wrote:

      > I've read The Book of the New Sun about five times now, and it gets > bigger and wiser every time, so I don't see that it can be
      > dismissed as 'the least' of Gene Wolfe's works.

      I agree that BNS has so much in it that you find something new each
      time. I love your "bigger and wiser" phrese; it fits beautifully.
      > I love his short stories. Did you ever read Bibliomen?

      Unfortunately, I can't find a copy. I suppose I could just look on
      Amazon.com, but love the challenge of coming up with bargains in an old
      dusty book shop.
      > (Oddly enough, I discovered Gaiman through Wolfe's introduction of the
      > Sandman collection Fables and Reflections. I'd heard about it, but it
      > took that to make me get over my 'but it's a comic' reaction.)

      A friend loaned me his copies (one by one, the little twerp! :)) but
      once I read one, it hooked me. I was pleasantly surprised that GW had
      written an intro to the series. Made me feel all the more confident
      that we were getting some great stuff. ---djb.
      > Red