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23422Re: [mythsoc] Re: Best fantasy and science fiction of 2012?

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  • Lisa Padol
    Nov 7 9:39 AM
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      Thanks -- while I'm not quite as bad on short fiction as Josh indicated, I tend to be about a year out of date. And I am likely to be out of date on poetry.


      From: Jef Murray <jef.murray@...>
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      Subject: [mythsoc] Re: Best fantasy and science fiction of 2012?

         Regarding the question of short story collections, and at the risk of seeming 
      too self-promoting, my first book, "Seer: A Wizard's Journal", is a collection
      of short stories, poems, and a few essays. Jason has a review copy that he is
      finding a home for, but I'd welcome the response of others in this group to
      my work. This is my first venture into the publishing world beyond illustration,
      so I'd welcome comments and critiques from the Wise in this group....

      Mystical Realms - Exploring the boundaries between worlds.....

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