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23400Re: [mythsoc] How does myth "work"?

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  • James Curcio
    Oct 19, 2012
      I agree, I wrote and had published two books (one rather long - The Immanence of Myth) and one rather short (Apocalyptic Imaginary) on the subject. I don't consider them final in any regard or form whatsoever. That wasn't the point. Nor do I consider them authoritative because on this issue there is no singular authority. But they do, I believe, come from a genuine place when you take it all in, and are meant to help other people find something for themselves. If in a somewhat labyrinthine way out of necessity. If that's helped even one person, I think I've accomplished something. I think from the student responses at least they seemed to really get something from it though they were admittedly rather baffled at first. 
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      On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 10:12 PM, <scribbler@...> wrote:

      > Don't mistake the vaguely academic tone in some of that material for an
      > overly logical approach in regard to myths, directly. But there is talking
      > ABOUT something, and there is doing it. I do both, but when I'm in the
      > analytical mode, how else does one write an essay?

      Oh, I quite agree that that is the difficulty about trying to "get inside"
      myth in order to write about it. Objective analysis keeps you outside
      looking in, but you can be precise and use words with specificity. But to
      consider myth from inside is inevitably a subjective experience, because,
      as I said, myth is about meaning, about what "something means to me" or
      you (as the case may be). And subjective evaluations are slippery things.
      "Oh, that's just YOUR (subjective) opinion!" As though there was something
      nasty about subjective experience.

      As so, to write about myth in any way is a great challenge. There are no
      short answers. If you wish to consider what your personal myth would look
      like, you need to being by considering what things are important to you,
      and what imagery speaks most powerfully to you. Analytically speaking, you
      may be able to determine WHY those images have that power - which may or
      may not affect the way you shape your personal myth.

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