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23260Re: The Father Christmas Letters Conundrum

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  • hen8wen
    Sep 6, 2012
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      Many thanks -- any guesses as to when we can expect to have all of this material available rather than a George Lucas-ish let's add a few "never before seen" things to this edition once every decade or so?


      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Wayne G. Hammond" <Wayne.G.Hammond@...> wrote:
      > Glenn,
      > >Amazon UK is showing a new edition of Letters from Father Christmas
      > >later this month, this one clocking in at 192 pages and claiming
      > >"This revised edition of Tolkien's famous illustrated letters from
      > >Father Christmas to his children includes a number of pictures and
      > >letters that have not been seen in print before." Does anyone
      > >(Christina? Wayne?) know if this edition is truly going to include
      > >things that have not already been available since the 1990s revised
      > >editions, or is this just a slick marketing job? If I'm not
      > >mistaken, this title was reissued just several years ago and
      > >marketed as containing "new" material ...
      > Letters from Father Christmas was last published, as a trade
      > paperback only, by HarperCollins in 2009. That edition restored most
      > of the images present in the 1999 edition but removed in 2004,
      > omitted a few images even so, and included four images not previously
      > published; but many of the pictures were reduced in size, to fit a
      > smaller book format, and some of its colour reproduction left
      > something to be desired. Christina compared all of the editions of
      > the "Father Christmas" letters, and described how the individual
      > letters were (or were not) reproduced, differences in transcription,
      > and the relative quality of the reproductions, in Tolkien Collector
      > 31 (Dec. 2010).
      > From public sources, it certainly looks as if the new hardback
      > edition will have additional material. The 2009 edition has 160
      > pages; the new one is said to have 192, a substantial increase which
      > (if that page count is correct) we assume is due to more material
      > rather than to, say, a larger typesetting. Also, Amazon UK mentions
      > that the book is to contain "brand new high-quality digital
      > reproductions". We'll be interested to see it.
      > Wayne & Christina
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