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23254Re: [mythsoc] A Lewis professorship question

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  • David Bratman
    Sep 6 8:05 AM
      There is also a lot of useful information and documentation in The Book That
      Looks Like A Brick, volume 3 of Lewis's collected letters, p. 469-85. This
      includes a lengthy quote from a previously unpublished letter of Tolkien to
      the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge giving his opinion of the circumstances
      that would induce Lewis to accept (p. 475). I hope and suspect that any
      subsequent scholarship on the subject would draw heavily from this important
      primary source.

      David Bratman

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      From: "John Rateliff" <sacnoth@...>
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      Subject: [mythsoc] A Lewis professorship question

      > Does anyone know where I can find a good account of the various ins and
      > outs of Lewis's election to the post of Professor of Medieval and
      > Renaissance Literature at Cambridge? I seem to recall the details of this
      > becoming public around the time of the Lewis centennial, but while I
      > remember the general flow of events well enough -- Lewis offered post,
      > turns it down, post offered to another who accepts it, then Lewis decides
      > to accept after all, other person withdraws, happy ending to everyone
      > (except the hapless second choice) -- as well as much of the specific
      > detail (e.g., the part JRRT played in all of this), I want to have a
      > citable source for it, as well as refreshing my memory. Any
      > recommendations much appreciated.
      > --JDR
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