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  • David Bratman
    Jul 10, 2012
      Although she did attend one Mythcon, she declined an invitation to the following local Mythcon in terms that made it unlikely that she would respond positively to further invitations. Because of our special theme this year and the focus of our panels, our combing of outside authors has been lighter than in the past.

      David Bratman
      Mythcon 43 programming

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      >Any chance at all that Zilpha Keatley Snyder might attend? I remember that she did attend the Berkley Mythcon that was held just before the LotR movies came out.
      >> From: WendellWag@...
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      >> Subject: [mythsoc] Authors at Mythcon
      >> The following is my usual annual list of people at Mythcon this year who
      >> have ever published a book or article relevant to the Mythopoeic Society's broad
      >> interests, not counting those whose only publications are in the
      >> Society's journals. This is to give me and anyone else who might
      >> be interested information about what books or magazines to bring
      >> along for autographing. I specify that they are relevant to the
      >> Society's interests because, although I'm happy that you published a textbook on
      >> oceanography or on Renaissance art history, I don't think I will get a copy of
      >> it just because you wrote it. I'm not including articles in the Society's
      >> journals because the list would then be most of the Mythcon attendees if I
      >> included such articles. By the Society's broad interests I mean fiction or
      >> nonfiction about fantasy, mythology, science fiction, horror, or the
      >> Inklings. I got these names by combing through announcements of the
      >> attendees and guests at this year's Mythcon. If there are any additions or
      >> deletions, please post them to this mailing list.
      >> Wendell Wagner
      >> *****************************************************************************************************************************
      >> G. Ronald Murphy
      >> Malinda Lo
      >> Sherwood Smith
      >> Janet Croft
      >> Richard Lupoff
      >> Diane Paxson
      >> Susan Palwick
      >> Donald Williams
      >> Leslie Donovan
      >> David Bratman
      >> Joe Christopher
      >> Jason Fisher
      >> Christopher Gilson
      >> Carl Hostetter
      >> Arden Smith
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