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23143Re: [mythsoc] Authors at Mythcon

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  • scribbler@scribblerworks.us
    Jul 7, 2012
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      My name may not be on the "Attending" list yet, but I will be there. So
      I'd qualify, between THE SCRIBBLER'S GUIDE TO THE LAND OF MYTH , and
      "Robin Hood and Green Arrow: Outlaw Bowmen in the Modern Urban Landscape",
      (presented at the 1st International Conference of Robin Hood Studies;
      Rochester, New York; October 1997; published in Robin Hood in Popular
      Culture, edited by Thomas Hahn, 2000).

      Because the rest has been published in MYTHLORE.

      Best, Sarah Beach

      > The following is my usual annual list of people at Mythcon this year who
      > have ever published a book or article relevant to the Mythopoeic Society's
      > broad interests, not counting those whose only publications are in the
      > Society's journals. This is to give me and anyone else who might be
      > interested
      > information about what books or magazines to bring along for
      > autographing.
      > I specify that they are relevant to the Society's interests because,
      > although I'm happy that you published a textbook on oceanography or on
      > Renaissance art history, I don't think I will get a copy of it just
      > because you
      > wrote it. I'm not including articles in the Society's journals because
      > the
      > list would then be most of the Mythcon attendees if I included such
      > articles.
      > By the Society's broad interests I mean fiction or nonfiction about
      > fantasy, mythology, science fiction, horror, or the Inklings. I got
      > these names
      > by combing through announcements of the attendees and guests at this
      > year's
      > Mythcon. If there are any additions or deletions, please post them to
      > this mailing list.
      > Wendell Wagner
      > ****************************************************************************
      > *************************************************
      > G. Ronald Murphy
      > Malinda Lo
      > Sherwood Smith
      > Janet Croft
      > Richard Lupoff
      > Diane Paxson
      > Susan Palwick
      > Donald Williams
      > Leslie Donovan
      > David Bratman
      > Joe Christopher
      > Jason Fisher
      > Christopher Gilson
      > Carl Hostetter
      > Arden Smith
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