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2313Re: [mythsoc] Baynes' Narnia

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  • ERATRIANO@aol.com
    Sep 8, 2000
      All this information is leaving me lost at sea. So far I'm gathering that
      the best purchase in terms of art quality and book quality is the all-in-one
      book? Or is there a boxed set that can really compete? I'd much prefer a
      boxed set.

      This one that Wayne mentioned: The most interesting repackaging is
      the series in seven paperbacks whose covers reproduce Pauline's cover art
      for the old Puffin Books edition, which was never sold in the U.S. -- Does
      that have nice illustrations throughout?

      I still haven't been to the site. Just haven't been online much this week.
      And if there's half the information there that there is here lately, I'll
      just get more confused. LOL. Need to touch them all to see them properly I

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