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23118Re: Tolkien & the Matter of Britain

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  • Westermeyer GS11 Paul W
    May 24, 2012
      > Posted by: "Gerry Blair" gerryblair68@... gerryblair68
      > Date: Thu May 24, 2012 4:00 am ((PDT))
      > Paul I agree entirely about Mary Stewart I read these way back in the
      > late 1960's, after having them recommended to me by my mom. This was
      > before I had read Tolkien, the descriptions of Merlin's experiences in
      > the Crystal Cave are something I remember as really impressing me.
      > I believe when I read Tolkien it was because I hoped this would be
      > something else that could have the same kind of enchanting power as the
      > Merlin series, and it did. Over the past few years I keep thinking how
      > I should reread these books and now you have given me another reason to
      > do so.Thanks for the reminder.Gerry

      It really is an excellent series, though I can see how it could be problematic for Tolkien. The latter legends are heavily influenced by the French, and when you try to sweep back to origins, then the Anglo-saxons become the 'horde from the east.' Stewart very much presents the British, and especially the Romano-British as those 'sunk into the soil' of Britain.
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